LG’s CES Lineup Drops CCFL Backlighting Completely in Favor of LED

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CCFL has been the go-to backlight for LCD flat panels since the beginning. In recent years, though, the brighter, more energy efficient LED lighting systems have come to the forefront, originally as a premium option. Which has led to some confusion that LED TVs are somehow fundamentally different from their LCD brethren. They’re not; it’s just the source of the backlight that’s different.

Now it looks like LG is going to be the first major brand to dump CCFL altogether. LEDs are not only getting cheaper, but they allows for the energy efficiency that storefronts demand (imagine paying the power bill on dozens of continually operating TVs!) but also the thinner casings consumers prefer, up to and including the almost-zero bezel exhibited on the top end TVs, all of which are equipped with their new advanced Smart TV features:

At CES, LG will demonstrate Voice Mate, an enhanced version of the company’s voice-control technology capable of recognizing the natural flow of language. The Voice Mate feature offers a new voice search option that simultaneously filters search results from all corners of the LG smart-TV platform — video-on-demand (VOD) services, search engines, external devices and more.

The enhanced SmartShare feature offers users the ability to mirror or transfer content from smart devices to LG smart TVs via several connectivity options, including WiDi and Miracast. The 2013 lineup will enhance inter-device sharing further by implementing Tag On, which immediately connects two devices for media sharing.

To use Tag On, the user holds a smartphone or other nearfield communications (NFC)-enabled device against the NFC sticker on a Cinema 3D smart TV.

LG’s offerings this year cover the entire gamut of resolutions and sizes, including three plasma models — the top end of which is a 60-inch model and the only one in their entire lineup to feature active-shutter 3D. We’ll have more from LG’s upcoming lineup next week from CES 2013.

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