Panasonic Jumps into Smart TV Alliance with LG and Toshiba

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What’s been the big problem with Smart TVs really grabbing the attention of the buying public? If you strictly look at it on a technology level, it’s the lack of standardized hardware and software. Until now, everyone has been doing their own thing. With the new Smart TV Alliance, the spirit of cooperation is shining through at CES:

“Smart TV Alliance members are repairing a fragmented market opportunity for app developers and TV manufacturers, creating the best Smart TV experience for consumers,” said Richard Choi, president of Smart TV Alliance from founding member LG Electronics. “Now app developers can concentrate on doing what they do best.  Instead of chasing down each manufacturer’s individual requirements and compliance process, they can make the most out of their creative energy by developing innovative applications and services.”For 2013 Smart TVs:

· Richer applications available from upgraded HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript specifications

· 3D video

· MPEG-DASH support with more reliable audio and video quality with less stuttering and freezing

· More and better content choices with updated digital rights management (DRM) features that reflect DRM requirements from content owners

For application developers:

· New common emulator allows developers to test an application once to ensure it will work with Smart TV Alliance member televisions

· Application compliance checking tool enables developers to test compliance automatically with Smart TV Alliance cross-platform requirements

One has to wonder if they will follow Samsung’s lead, by making the Smartbox modular so you can upgrade by just pulling one and slotting in another. Samsung is definately the big player that’s missing from this picture, but with their current move away from Android, presumably to their own OS on their Smartphones, they might not be as eager as the other players to join the fold.

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