CES 2013: Lenovo Introduces the Horizon Table PC for Family Fun

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Virtually every computer we’re seeing at CES this year is a Windows 8 touchscreen, but along with satisfying the traditional, Lenovo thinks they have a new take on the touchscreen computer concept: the Tabletop.

The Horizon is a 27″ touchscreen that can sit on anoptional stand and act like a normal TV or computer monitor, but when it’s time to let its hair down, the Horizon can go horizontal to become a board game or a full-family photo sharing session.  The computer sports Intel i7 processors and up to 1TB of storage. Preliminary reports from those who have tried it tell of a snappy interface that’s designed to be used from any position at the table and “passed around” easily. An optional keyboard, joysticks, and e-dice (the computer can recognize the number rolled on the screen) will also be available.

The Desktop PC is definitely an endangered species in the home environment. While traditional desktops (and their layouts) are best for getting actual work done,  when people want entertainment, socializing, web browsing and the like, they go to their tablets or their phones with increasing frequency. With some apps that allow direct interfacing, including the ability to “throw” pictures, YouTube videos, and songs from the tablet to the screen, this could definitely be the next generation family PC, or TV that everyone has been looking for. Now if we could only find a way to keep Mom from putting her coffee cups on the computer we’d really be cooking with gas.

The Horizon wll ship in early summer for between $999 and $1699 depending on hardware and accessories.

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