CES 2013: Parrot Flower Power Aims to Kill Your Black Thumb

Sections: Green Home Tech

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Does every plant you touch wither and die? Do you just forget to feed, water, sunlight, or otherwise care for the flowers in your care? Fear not, because Parrot is here to at least keep you on your toes with a complete guilt trip via their new Flower Power.

Flower Power is a sensor you stick in the soil that monitors temperature, health, moisture levels, and even recommends fertilizer when it feels the soil has gotten a little tepid. When it launches later this year it’ll be paired with an app that conceivably will let you ensure making recommendations based on the individual plant’s needs. The device tattles on your neglect over bluetooth, and will work indoors or out, and even on your lawn.

The Flower Power should be available just in time for the growin’ season

Via: [Gizmodo]

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