CES 2013: Allure Energy Intros EverSense 2.0 Home Environment and Energy Management Platform

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Allure Energy introduced a neat new climate management system at CES Unveiled last night: the EverSense 2.0 Home Environment and Energy Management Platform at CES in Las Vegas.  Before we get into some of the nuts and bolts, Kevin Imes, CEO of Allure Energy sums up what Allure is trying to do with EverSense:

Allure Energy is attempting to do for the home energy management and automation industry what Apple did for the music industry, make it simple to use, fun, and just cool. With EverSense 2.0 we are creating an Interactive Home Environment that users can easily setup and have managed automatically. Imagine going to bed and setting your phone on your nightstand and the lights turn off, the thermostat adjusts, and your alarm is set. EverSense 2.0 will make this a reality for main stream consumers.

EverSense is the newest in a line of intelligent thermostats released by a variety of companies, most notable, The Nest.  The Nest has made thermostats cool again (or perhaps, for the first time), so we expect to see more solutions that aim to make setting and controlling your thermostat a simple task, without a Ph.D in Electrical Engineering.  However, EverSense takes the idea of super-easy climate control one step further by adding features that make controlling your HVAC and home energy usage even easier.

The EverSense mobile app connects your smartphone (and by extension, you) back to your home and allows you to set triggered events based upon location.  For example, if on your commute home, you’d like your thermostat to raise 6 degrees to make your house nice and toasty, the EverSense app can not only track your location, but also talk back to your home to raise the temperature to your desired setting.  (Note: the release does expressly say that your location info is never sent to the cloud, and remains secure on your smartphone.)

The usefulness of EverSense doesn’t stop at your door either.  NFC-enabled SyncPads allow you to tie triggered events to where you physically drop your phone.  For example, you could have a pad to trigger a good-night sequence where you place your phone on the pad on your nightstand, and all the lights turn off, your thermostat is lowered, and your alarm is set.  All that is required is an NFC-enabled device, which unfortunately does not currently include any iDevices, but does include a variety of Android handsets.  Multiple devices can be paired with the system, making it useful for families.

Also on the horizon are EverSense enabled speakers for streaming music, as well as a weather application including animated radar.

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