CES 2013: Munitio Intros SV Mobile Performance Earphones

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Big companies turn out in force for the Consumer Electronics Show. Sony and Samsung, for example, dominate the exhibit floor. The best part of trade shows like CES, though, is the chance to see and hear  products from smaller companies. Munitio is one of those companies. It’s a company, in fact, that I wasn’t familiar with at all until about three minutes ago. Munitio is showing off its SV Mobile Performance Earphones at this year’s show.

Munitio bills itself as an “urban lifestyle headphone brand.” That’s fancy marketing speak for headphones that sound good and look cool too. If you’re not convinced, check out the company’s Nines brand earphones that bear a striking resemblance to 9mm bullets. The weaponry motif carries through to the tips on Munitio’s earphones: Silicone Hollow Points. And while the new SV Mobile Performance Earphones look less like ammunition and more like traditional earphones, they’ve still got a high coolness factor.

Munitio uses a custom “Sound Flow” system to produce smooth midrange and high sounds, while also maintaining vocal clarity. The SV Mobiles include a three-button on-board control with full music and call functionality on supporting iOS devices, and music functionality on Android devices. The earphones have a right-angle 24k gold-plated 3.5mm stereo plug and a wide ribbon cable that shouldn’t be prone to tangling.

The earphones are available in three brushed metallic finishes: grey, black, and bronze. The SV Mobile Performance Earphones will ship in February of 2013 and carry a retail price of $129.99. For more information visit Munitio  or call 800.979.2957.

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