CES 2013: Samsung Unveils 55-Inch F9500 3D OLED Television

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OLED is seen by many as the true successor to plasma: all the great benefits of LCD and plasma, without the need for backlighting. This results in blacker blacks, whiter whites, and more importantly than ever these days, thinner TVs. It had started to look like OLED was in trouble, but Samsung unveiled a new OLED set at CES that’s the first in the the US market that’s suitable for placement in the living room, and Samsung is pretty excited about it. In addition, They’ve taken a page from Sony’s book and added a feature that allows two different programs to be viewed on the TV at once, and improved on it by having their Bluetooth 3D glasses carry audio too:

The F9500 is the world’s first television to offer Samsung’s Multi-View feature, a unique feature that allows the TV to become a truly personal experience. Multi-View allows two people the ability to watch completely different Full-HD content simultaneously on the same screen with corresponding audio and controls. This feature is enabled by Samsung’s special 3D glasses, which come with personal speakers built in, providing clear stereo sound for the corresponding program. With a significantly high contrast ratio that provides unparalleled detail in shadows, shapes and subtle colors even in the darkest of scenes, the F9500 delivers the most immersive experience without any motion blur.

The feature also carries the side benefit of being able to throw the TV audio to any Bluetooth enabled pair of headphones for late-night viewing. Of course, these impressions are all from the press conference, s we’ll bring you mmore details as we see the set on the show floor.

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