Was Alien Originally Made in China?

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A find at a Chinese flea market of a painting supposedly by famous Chinese artist Qi Baishi may lead to the question of where HR Giger got his inspiration for the Alien design:

Zhao’s original post on Chinese microblogging site Weibo was uploaded in late December, and it now has well over six thousand comments. Some say that the alleged Baishi work was the uncredited source for the Xenomorph design. Others in China say this is a hoax. And then there are those who just want to believe.

But is this art even real? Biashi was noted for his fine brushwork, but much of his work focuses on flowers, insects, animals, and sea creatures like shrimp.

The artist died in 1956, and the National Museum has declined to comment on the authenticity of the piece. Frankly the idea that someone would knock off a famous artist, in China, a country infamous for bootlegging everything from movies to Disneyland, is about a country mile from far-fetched. We await the authentication, but even in the likely event it’s a fake, the guy still got a cool and unique Alien painting for his wall, so everyone wins.

Via: [Kotaku]


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