Disney Now Offers Blu-ray Combo Packs and 3D as Rewards

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Disney expanded the Blu-ray offerings in its Movie Rewards program this week to include Blu-ray combo packs, and even Tron: Legacy 3D. Other titles include James and the Giant Peach, Enchanted, and The Princess Diaries Combo Pack. Buying a typical Blu-ray combo pack at retail nets you about 150 points, and the new offerings go for 1650-2000 points, or 1225-1400 if you’re willing to cough up $4 for shipping. For those who enjoy TV, there’s also seasons of LOST for 1500 points apiece

So if you haven’t entered those codes from the Disney titles you have sitting around, it might be time to do so. You can even get double points picking up Frankenweenie through 1/15.

Via: [Disney Movie Rewards]

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