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Some players have handled the extensive branching on the Total Recall Extended Director’s Cut Blu-ray better than others. The others seemingly can’t jump streams fast enough to keep everything moving smoothly, and that’s been causing a lot of audio dropouts. Sony is aware of the problem, and is pressing adjusted discs, but in the meantime they suggest changing your player from Bitstream to PCM as a temporary fix:

Dear Valued Consumer,

We apologize for any inconvenience regarding the sound quality with the release of Total Recall Bluray disk. We are currently in the process of re-producing Bluray disks that will not have these sound issues.

There is a work around available for your current disk. The best way to work around this issue is change your audio output settings on your Blu-ray player. You should be able to change your player’s output from “Bitstream” to “PCM”. Each player is going to be a little different, but this can typically be done in the player’s menu or settings. If you have any questions on this process for your player, please contact the manufacturer of your player.

If adjusting you audio settings does not work, Sony will be offering an exchange for your current disk with the new re-mastered disk. To receive a replacement disk please reply with:

The UPC number from the case:

Your Name:

Address (No PO’s):

Contact Phone Number:

You will then receive an email with instructions to return your disk to us.

The exchange process can take 3 to 5 weeks (or longer depending on the date the replacements are available).


Consumer Affairs

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  • Some Bloke

    That’s great – what what about consumers outside the US who bought this on release and have the same problem? I’m in the UK, and haven’t even had the courtesy of a reply from Sony about this. I’m close to returning the title and forgetting the whole thing.

  • Jeff Kleist

    I would say that depends on whether or not you bought the US or the UK edition. If you bought the US addition you may be out of luck because Sony pictures US only deals with United States, Though I have heard of exceptions being made in the past. If you’re dealing with Sony UK, then I suggest you call their customer support number and see if they’ve implemented the exchange program.

  • Some Bloke

    Thanks Jeff. I’m in the UK, and bought the UK version.

    Couldn’t get a peep out of SHPE UK, so gave up.

    In the end, I sent the discs back to Amazon on the basis that they’re not really of merchantable quality. I’m not really willing to pay full price and / or wait weeks and weeks for a replacement, nor should I have to re-configure my AV setup to work around a software error with one title (never a single issue with any other title). In many people’s cases, LPCM from this title sounds soft / quiet in comparison to the bitstreamed TrueHD soundtrack (I know it really shouldn’t, and didn’t believe this until I heard it for myself).

    Thanks for posting this up before many other sites anyhow.

  • Jeff Kleist

    Turning up the sound didn’t remedy the problem? Are you sure that the player was set so that it was decoding the TrueHD and not the Dolby Digital ridealong internally? Remember that you probably corrected for dialnorm on the AVR (which does nothing to the actual sound that turning the volume dial doesn’t). That’s typically the most common issue when something is “quiet” or “lacks punch” is that -4db.

    A good example was Transformers 2, where the Big Screen variant for some reason had dialnorm active on the soundtrack while the standard did not. People complained endlessly that it was weak, and that it was dialnorm’s fault (despite a waveform showing them to be wrong :) )