CES 2013: Dish Network Introduces Hopper with Sling

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The product likely to generate the most discussion once the dust settles at  the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show is Dish Network’s new Hopper with Sling. Hometechtell’s Dennis Burger has documented the original Hopper extensively in these pages. Now Dish is back with a shiny new model that just might make the original obsolete. Not to mention the new Hopper probably scares cable companies and advertisers to death.

Hopper with Sling can deliver DVR recordings to tablets, smartphones, and PCs. With a feature called “Hopper Transfers,” users can send recordings to an iPad for those times when an Internet connection is not available. Dish is also featuring its “Explorer” app that integrates with Twitter and Facebook and can function as a remote control for Hopper. Hopper with Sling also boasts twice as much memory and two times the processing power of the original.

Hopper’s Sling technology encodes and redirects live or recorded content to Internet-connected iOS and Android devices. Users can also redirect content to PCs and Macs.

In addition to Hopper’s TV experience, users can also enjoy music apps for Pandora and SiriusXM and multi-player game apps such as PokerFun, Trivia TV, and WeDraw.

Pricing and availability for Hopper with Sling, which includes built-in Wi-Fi, will be announced later in January. For more information visit Dish Network.

The photos in this article were taken by Dennis Burger on location at CES. For more from Dennis at CES, check out the Hometechtell twitter feed.

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