DarbeeVision Cobalt is a Consumer-Centric Video Processor

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Video processing has always been a major aspect of custom home theater, but typically these large boxes were rack mounted affairs costing thousands of dollars, putting them out of the reach of the average person who might like their TV to look a little better. Thanks to digital TV, processing has gotten exponentially easier, and therefore cheaper to implement, and Darbee hopes there’s a ton of people that want their flat screen to perform a little closer to pro standards:

About the size of an iPhone®, the new Cobalt is an HDMI video processor designed for ease of use:

  • HDMI 1.3 compatible
  • Standard 24bit, 4:2:2 color video
  • Three viewing modes (HiDef, Gaming, Full Pop)
  • Physical buttons, remote control, on screen menu/display
  • Increase/decrease the Darbee Level with 5% increments

“For consumers and video game players looking for the ultimate visual experience on their televisions, the Cobalt provides a new opportunity for everyone in the world to appreciate this must-have technology,” noted Paul Darbee, DarbeeVision’s founder and CEO. “As with the Darblet, TV viewers and gamers using the Cobalt will notice that objects appear to possess a strong sense of depth separation and roundness. Not only do these qualities make video more gratifying to watch, they actually help gamers to win because you can see more in the game.”

Priced at $269, the Cobalt is expected to be available to the public later this month

Via: [Reuters]

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