CES 2013: Securifi Almond+ Smart Home Router

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Securifi already has a popular and very well-received product on the market with its Almond touchscreen wireless router.  In case you missed it, you can check out my review here.  In short, it’s a fantastic wireless router or range extender that’s dead simple to set up thanks to its integrated touchscreen.

At CES this week, Securifi introduced the Almond+, the world’s first touchscreen wireless router with an integrated smart home hub.  As with its predecessor, the Almond+ includes an integrated color touchscreen (2.8″, 320×240) that allows users to set up the device without the need for a computer.  It sports a small footprint like the original Almond, but it has a slightly different design, although you can be sure the two products are related.

What truly sets the Almond+ apart from the original is the inclusion of Zigbee and Z-Wave home automation technologies.  The addition of these two technologies instantly makes the Almond+ compatible with hundreds of existing home automation products, including light switches and dimmers, as well as thermostats and countless other devices.  Securifi has developed iOS and Android apps to access and control the Almond+ from anywhere.

Now before you go reaching for your wallet, the Almond+ isn’t about to hit the market just yet.  The company has plans to start a Kickstarter campaign to fund final production, marketing, and promotion of the product.  Head over to Securifi’s site to sign up for a notification when the campaign opens.

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