Panamorph Begins Shipping Ultra-Cheap Ultra-Widescreen Lens

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One of the holy grails of home theater fans is a full screen experience for scope (2.35 or 2.40:1 aspect ratio) movies. Some flat panel manufacturers have tried producing sets in that ratio (well, close enough at 21:9), but they’ve failed to catch on.

One of the great solutions to the problem has been augmenting home cinema projectors with anamorphic lenses, which — when coupled with  the proper processing, either in-projector or via a separate box — allow you to experience scope movies with no black bars at home. Panamorph has been developing anamorphic lenses for home theater use for years, and now they’ve launched their newest, cheapest system yet.

Get an 80% larger picture for your blockbuster movies and favorite PC games! Instead of a typical TV or home theater projector that forces you to watch your favorite movies with black bars at the top and bottom, you can have the largest, ultra widescreen entertainment system powered by a Panamorph CineVista Lens System on your projector.

For less than $3000 total display cost, you can watch your movies on a screen over 100 inches BIG! That’s quite a bargain compared to the cost of a similarly sized flat panel TV. Plus, even the largest flat panel TV still has black bars on widescreen movies. To MAXIMIZE your home entertainment you will need:

• An ultra wide 2.35:1 aspect ratio projection screen

• A home theater projector with correct aspect modes

• A ceiling mount or the projector can be shelf/table mounted

• And a Panamorph CineVista Lens and Lens Mount

Keep in mind that you still need the screen, so you’re not getting out for just $1200 (assuming you already have a mount); a quality screen is going to run you at least that again, but compared to the $8-10,000 these kinds of systems were running just a few years ago, it’s a steal.

[The CineLens is available now from Panamorph or Authorized Dealers]

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  • naveen arya

    i want to buy Panaporph Cinevista Lens for JVC projector. Please quote your best price.