CES 2013: IntelliPillow Adjusts Itself for the Perfect Night’s Sleep

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If you’re like me, you have never found a pillow you like. Normal polyfill pillows typically last me six months or less before they’re flatter than a pancake, and I’ve been trying out some higher-end, alternative-filling pillows lately that seem to be more promising thus far, but I’m still skeptical that they’ll last through the year, let alone the 3+ years that a typical pillow is supposed to last.

The new IntelliPillow being shown off at this year’s CES may be the answer. The sensor mat on the pillow adjusts the inflation of air bladders to automatically adjust inflation for proper support no matter how you sleep with its “whisper quiet” pump. This could be great for people who are suffering from neck and back problems because the pillow can be dialed in for perfect support. Another cool potential use could be giving you an extra boost when watching movies in bed.

Given that I am Godzilla for pillows, I look forward to some real-world reports on this sucker when it launches later this year in the $300-400 range

Via: [Gizmodo]

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