CES 2013: VIZIO Announces Sound Bars

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Who knew VIZIO made anything other than televisions?

Okay, we did. In addition to TVs and computer and media streaming devices, VIZIO makes sound bars too, and the company is showing off two new  models at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show. Both aim to recreate a 5.1 experience; one is 42 inches and the other is 54 inches. Both models also include Bluetooth connectivity for wireless music streaming. And VIZIO is including a “Display Remote” with both models that features a built-in LCD display.

VIZIO’s 42-inch sound bar is designed for displays of 46 to 47 inches, while the 54-inch model pairs best with 60-inch and larger televisions. VIZIO claims these sound bars can achieve 102 dB with less than 1 percent Total Harmonic Distortion.

The 42-inch model will retail for $329.99. More details are forthcoming on the larger model. For more information visit VIZIO.

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