CES 2013: UltraViolet Offers Free Movies with Blu-ray Player or TV Purchase

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Starting later this year, the UltraViolet alliance, encompassing all the major studios with the exception of Disney (for now), will offer five free movies with the purchase of an internet connected Blu-ray player, and ten with a Smart TV. UltraViolet is an online digital locker for digital copies of movies that are accessible from any country that the service reaches, any time, either streaming, or by downloading the movie.

“UltraViolet provides consumers with the freedom to enjoy the content they own no matter where or how they purchased it,” said Ron Sanders, president of the DEG board of directors and president of Warner Home Video. “Our partnership with the consumer electronics manufacturers is great for both of our industries and especially for the consumer.”

Participating consumer electronics manufacturers in the UltraViolet promotion include LG Electronics, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Sony electronics, Toshiba and Vizio. Participating service providers include Best Buy’s CinemaNow,, Nook Video and Walmart’s

Industry hopes that this will increase consumer awareness of the service, and some hope will further encourage 800 pound gorilla holdouts Disney and Apple to reconsider participation in the program.  The free movies should be available when new models begin shipping in the spring as an in-box offer.

Via: [Home Media Magazine]

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