Lionsgate and Samsung Partner for New 3D Push

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Lionsgate has partnered with Samsung to re-release portions of its catalog in 3D, in an effort to increase the availability of catalog titles in the stereoscopic format.

Specifically, Lionsgate will re-release action films Game, Crank and Bangkok Dangerous, as well as horror-thriller The Descent in 3D — the first in a series of box office titles earmarked for 3D home release. The aforementioned titles were previously released on DVD, Blu-ray Disc, electronic sellthrough and transactional VOD.

Samsung is touting new 3D image processing technology included in its 2013 Internet-connected smart televisions.

Samsung has supported 3D streaming for years now, and since services like Netflix and Vudu are getting into the game, it only makes sense for manufacturers to help encourage the availability of proven titles in the third dimension. The more stuff that’s available, the greater exposure, and the more people who may decided that they want 3D to be part of their new television purchase. Other titles not mentioned that are available overseas include Daybreakers [Blu-ray 3D] (German Import), the cult hit vampire film with Ethan Hawke. Sadly, The Running Man, which is also available in Germany is no longer in Lionsgate’s catalog and has since moved on to Olive films.

Via: [Home Media Magazine]

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