If you Bought a CD from Amazon, It Might Already Be in the Cloud (Free!)

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Almost 40,000 albums are now available to people who bought hard copies of them in the past, present, and future from, and they’ve automatically been added to your Amazon CloudDrive for instant streaming to any compatible device. Amazon calls the service “AutoRip”:

“What would you say if you bought music CDs from a company 15 years ago, and then 15 years later that company licensed the rights from the record companies to give you the MP3 versions of those CDs… and then to top it off, did that for you automatically and for free?” said Jeff Bezos, Founder and CEO. “Well, starting today, it’s available to all of our customers – past, present, and future – at no cost. We love these opportunities to do something unexpected for our customers.”

AutoRip features include:

  • Free digital copies: Amazon customers who purchase AutoRip CDs get free MP3 versions of the albums delivered directly to their Cloud Player libraries – automatically, immediately, and at no cost – no more hassling with ripping CDs and finding a way to get them onto your favorite devices.
  • For CD purchases dating back to 1998: MP3 versions of AutoRip CDs that customers have purchased since the launch of Amazon’s music store in 1998 will also be delivered to their Cloud Player libraries for free.
  • Enjoy everywhere: Music can be played instantly from any Kindle Fire, Android phone or tablet, iPhone, iPod touch, Samsung TVs, Roku, Sonos, and any web browser, giving customers the freedom to enjoy music from more devices than any other major cloud locker music service.
  • Free storage and backup: All AutoRip MP3s are stored for free in customers’ Cloud Player libraries and do not count against Cloud Player storage limits. Customers can buy music and know that it is safely stored in Cloud Player and accessible from any compatible device.
  • High-quality audio: AutoRip music is provided in high-quality 256 Kbps MP3 audio.

256kbps is high quality? Well, I’m not going to look a gift horse in the mouth. This is definately pretty cool, and hopefully will help encourage people to buy the actual CD instead of just the digital. Now if we could only get this kind of service for our Kindles, that make my fondest wish come true.

Via: [Amazon Press Release]

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