Quirky Introduces Pluck Egg Separator

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What the Pluck?

Sometimes technology brings us amazing solutions to problems we never knew we had.

Other times, it seems like we’re living in a world of high-tech solutions to incredibly low-tech problems. Take the Pluck Egg Separator from Quirky, for example. The Pluck lets you quickly, easily, and neatly separate the yolk from the white, and looks gorgeous doing so. There’s no denying that an egg separator is a handy thing to have, and the Pluck’s $12.99 price tag isn’t a huge investment. But the thing is, millions of folks already own an egg separator.

I give you… the Super Duper Empty Water Bottle Egg Separator!

Okay, granted, the lowly water bottle doesn’t have Quirky’s marketing budget (check out the demo of the Pluck below). And I don’t mean to pick on Quirky here. In fact, the company does have an electronics division with some products that could be quite useful. This one, though? Seriously? What the…

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