CES 2013: CNET Removes Dish Hopper From Award Contention Due to Litigation

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CNET is one of the biggest tech related online networks, and like many, they’re owned by a large corporate parent — in this case, CBS, who happens to have a bone to pick with Dish over their commercial-skipping Dish Hopper device.  Yesterday, brouhaha arose between Dish and CNET over allegations that CBS’s litigation was the reason that the new Hopper with Sling was removed from consideration for a reward. Speculation ran rampant on the show floor, until a tweet from CNET confirmed the accusation:

Yes, had to remove Dish Hopper from CES awards because of active litigation, but our coverage is still up:

I don’t envy the journalists over at CNET who are caught in the middle of this, but I see both sides. Dish’s Auto Hop function is a wonderful thing for end users, allowing you to skip the annoying commercials and get right back into your favorite shows. At the same time, the ability to sell commercials is the lifeblood of the commercial TV industry. While Auto Hop doesn’t activate until 1am the day after the program has aired, and only for PrimeTime Anytime recordings, networks are more and more reliant on the three-day window after airing where they still get credit for the eyeballs watching the recording for ad rates.

Dish’s technology removes those eyeballs from the equation  and I completely see where they’re coming from. Both sides are doing what’s best for their customers, be it selling access or ads, and it’s never good when Mommy and Daddy fight. The courts will eventually decide the more wronged party, but probably not before a lot more virtual blood from a thousand pinpricks are spilled.

Via: [CNET on Twitter]

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