Eutelsat Launches the First 4K Broadcast Channel

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For those consumers who have dropped the coin on a fancy new 4K TV and long for some more content, there’s finally a morsel of content headed down from the skies. But only in Europe. Eutelsat,  a leader in HD and 3D broadcasting across the pond, has begun broadcasting an Ultra-HD 4K demonstration channel, mostly intended as a demo reel for retailers and sales representatives. From the press release:

Eutelsat’s new channel is designed to benefit all actors in the broadcasting chain who want to acquire expertise in 4K, including production companies, pay-TV operators, rights owners and TV set manufacturers. The new channel will operate in progressive mode at 50 frames per second. It will be encoded in MPEG-4 and transmitted at 40 Mbit/s in four Quad HD streams. Eutelsat is partnering with ATEME, a video compression solution provider to the broadcast industry, for the transmissions that will be uplinked to the EUTELSAT 10A satellite from its teleport in Rambouillet near Paris.
Watch Eutelsat’s Ultra High Definition demonstration channel on EUTELSAT 10A at 10° East:
Frequency: 11304 MHz
Polarization: Horizontal
Symbol rate: 27500
FEC 2/3
Pilot ON

US-based 4K channels are expected to follow in the months ahead, but programming is likely to be far more widely available from services like RedRay, or Sony’s dedicated media box, than from broadcast sources for the near future. Until 4K TVs can crack the $5000 mark, the number of people using them in recreational settings is likely to be far too limited to make it practical in the slightest.

Via: [Eutelsat Press Release]

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