ADA Launches RAMP-PM Room Amp

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Audio Design Associates (ADA) is well-known for high-end home theater and multi-room audio, but the new RAMP-PM Room Amp is a little different from the company’s usual offerings.  The RAMP-PM is designed to compliment your flat panel TV and provide superior sound to the (normally) awful built-in speakers, without the need for an AV receiver. Consider it a fancier alternative to the soundbars everyone else is making these days.

The RAMP-PM has multiple inputs, including analog, optical, and digital coax ensuring that you’ll be able to hook up your TV, regardless of its output configuration.  It also has onboard decoding for Dolby Digital, DTS, and PCM, so you’re sure to be able to hear what your TV is spitting out.  The RAMP-PM will power up and find the active input on its own, without need for user intervention.

Measuring 8 inches square and 2 inches tall, you’ll likely be able to find a place to stash this box out of sight. The RAMP-PM also includes a built-in amplifier, making it simple to power your sound bar or architectural speakers.  The amplifier is on par with other ADA amps and delivers an impressive 30 watts per channel (to put that in perspective, your TV probably pumps out 5 watts per channel, at best).  The line-level audio output can be set to drive another amplifier or a powered subwoofer, depending on your configuration.

ADA has been known as a custom-installation company, and while the RAMP-PM is easy to use as a standalone box, it includes features making it easy to integrate into a greater control system.  It features an RS-232 port for setup and control, as well as low-voltage input and output triggers. While fully automatic right out of the box, it is also completely configurable for those integrating it into a larger home automation system.

The RAMP-PM can be used with your other sources too, including set-top boxes and Blu-ray players.  A bypass switch allows use of the RAMP-PM for audio only devices, without the need for the TV to be powered up.  An add-on option, the RAMP-IR, permits IR control of the RAMP-PM and translates your remote IR commands to ones compatible with the room amp.  A low-level IR input is also included, again for integration with control systems. Both the RAMP-PM and RAMP-IR will be available this summer for an MSRP of $799 and $199 respectively.

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