Save $50 on TiVo Just in Time for the Super Bowl

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TiVo is offering $50 off their most popular models leading up to Super Bowl XLVII. That’s everything from the 2-tuner, 500GB/75 hour model for $99, to the uber THX-certified XL4 4 tuner/300 hour model for $350. Keep in mind that after getting the box, you’re still going to be kicking in $14.99/month or $500/lifetime for guide data.

Despite competition from HTPC and cable company based solutions, TiVo has maintained a loyal fan base, mostly because they — like Apple — learned a long time ago that the UI is king. Also, modern TiVos don’t just act as DVRs; they also stream popular services like Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Pandora.

So if you’re tired of your cable company’s DVR and want to make sure that you don’t miss a minute of the playoffs, the big game, or — more importantly — those once-a-year commercials that go for broke on the gimmicks, make sure you order your new TiVo by February 5, using code “BigGame” at the link below.

Via: [TiVo]

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