Cloud Atlas Blu-ray Delayed

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Cloud Atlas was a bit of an odd duck, but the film is the kind of quirky mind-trip that European audiences usually eat up. Strangely, the film has failed to get distribution across the Old World — until now — and that’s causing problems for the US Blu-ray release. The lack of even a theatrical run in the UK, France, Japan, Korea and a many other countries means that the movie, which isn’t even close to breaking even on its production budget, is losing out on some potentially huge markets that could bring in some much-needed box office revenue. Since Warner typically ships all discs region free, this means that people living in these places could just buy the Blu-ray before seeing it in cinemas, and that certainly wouldn’t help.

So the Blu-ray, which was originally schedule for February 5 release, has now been put on uncertain status at Amazon, but word around the industry campfire is that we’ll see it in physical form early this summer. Don’t be shocked if it still shows up on services like Vudu in a few weeks, where regional access can be controlled. At this point, though, that’s just an unconfirmed maybe.

Of course, given that we’re a mere two weeks from the original intended release date, copies have undoubtedly sneaked out in the interim, so if you really really loved Cloud Atlas, keep a watch on eBay and warm up that credit card. Judging by previously pulled titles, it’s going to be EXPENSIVE.

Cloud Atlas [Blu-ray]
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