Quirky Introduces Pivot Power Mini

Sections: Power management

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Remember the Pluck Egg Separator from Quirky I wrote about last week? Remember how snotty I sounded while calling the company out for releasing an unnecessary product? Well, I still stand by that  assessment of the Pluck, but I apologize to Quirky, because it turns out they do have a number of useful products. One of those useful products is the Pivot Power Mini.

Anyone who has had to solve the jigsaw puzzle involved in charging more than one device at a time will appreciate the Pivot Power Mini. It can quickly turn one outlet into four. Its collapsible design features two grounded outlets and two USB ports.

The Pivot Power Mini, which has been designed with travelers in mind, is available from Quirky’s website for $24.99, or $19.99 from Amazon. For more information call 866.5QUIRKY.

Quirky PPVM1-WH01 Pivot Power Mini

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