Ceton Ditches “Companion” for “My Media Center”

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Ceton has changed the name of its Companion app to My Media Center, and brought a ton of new features with it, mostly for those running Windows 8 and a Surface Tablet. Eliminating the confusion that the app required Ceton hardware (it doesn’t) was a major reason behind the name change. New features for everyone include tracking premiering shows.

The most exciting new features come to those who are running the app in conjunction with Windows 8. Your Media Center becomes a sea of live tiles, constantly updating, letting you know about new recordings and shows. The app supports the snap feature, so you don’t have to be tortured with the “modern UI” fullscreen experience when all you want to do is quickly access a media list. The other big feature is Wake On LAN, so if your HTPC sleeps and you want to change around your recordings, it’ll heed the call from anywhere in the world. Finally, you can push playback via the app to your Ceton Echo extender, Xbox 360, or any other WMC PC attached to your network.

Check out all the new features below, and we’ll be back with a hands-on later today. If you don’t already have Windows Media Center on your Win8 PC, it’s free through the end of January with purchase the OS, after which it will cost $10.

My Media Center is now available on the Windows Store, the iTunes App Store, and Google Marketplace.

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