You Can Do a Lot with 420 Square Feet: Graham Hill’s Amazing Green Apartment

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Living in huge cities like Tokyo and New York typically means one thing: itty bitty living space. Graham Hill had a dream, to transform his little box into something as fucntional as something many times its size and rent, but without the environmental impact of those much larger space. The entire space transforms. You stand at the desk, the entire wall of which — computer monitor and all — pulls out to form a spare bedroom, complete with bunk beds. The couch is the support for a Murphy bed, which fits next to a cabinet that houses a solar-charged backup power supply and USB device chargers. A pull-down screen  combined with a projector becomes the TV, and the kitchen has a combo convection oven/microwave. Burners are all standalone items you can place on a counter top.

I could never live in this place. The hyper-organizational skills it would require are simply beyond me, and it would be an unbelieveable disaster inside of a week. For the people who can live this way, though, it’s an awesome achievement in green and efficient living. So check out the video and see what living efficiently looks like.

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