Dish Deals with Hopper Award Snub by Giving It to Themselves

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Dish proudly now touts on its website that the Hopper with Sling, a new update of its DVR that features the ability to skip all ads in PrimeTime Anytime recordings if viewed after 1AM the day after broadcast, won the Best in Show award at CES. Of course, this comes with a giant asterisked disclaimer of snark.

Due to ongoing lawsuits between CNET parent CBS and Dish, CNET (who usually hands out said award) was not allowed to give any accolades to the product, and so Dish has helped out with that:

*What’s an asterisk doing in our award? CBS will go to any lengths to keep you from enjoying ad-skipping technology – even censoring its own writers and throwing out their decision to name Hopper ‘Best In Show.’ Your vote is the only one that really matters, so learn more about the Hopper with Sling® below.”

Hopefully the parties can work out their differences quickly, constructively, and without much more fuss, so they can stop slinging barbs and resume slinging shows.

Via: [Dish Network]

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