Last Chance for $40 Windows 8 and Free Media Center

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Microsoft has been pushing early adopters to upgrade to Windows 8 with a sweet deal since its launch in October. For now, $39.99 gets you a download of the Pro version of the operating system, which now will be going up to $119 for the upgrade or $199 for the full version. Add in the $10 that Media Center and DVD playback licenses will cost you after the price hike, and if you’re ever contemplating doing the upgrade, now is the time, given that the cost is going up five-fold in just a few weeks for the same thing,

Is this Microsoft being jerks? Well, yes and no. The post-February 1 pricing is pretty much par for the course for Windows. Sure there are sales, there are bundling discounts, and OEM software. In this case, though, the low-low introductory price was to try to get people to try Win8 after all the negative buzz, and encourage upgrades for the sub-5% of their users that value Windows Media Center by offering it free. (The $10 fee mostly covers the royalties for DVD, MPEG-2, and other codecs.)

Personally, I recommend picking up the upgrade now, even if you don’t intend to use it right away. With Microsoft likely moving to cheaper, yearly updates instead of their current cycle, this is your big chance to get the underpinnings of that ecosystem at a bargain buy-in. What you don’t spend now could be what you spend on your next upgrade and then-some anyway. If you do try to install it, I recommend creating a dual-boot scenario with Windows 7 just in case you don’t like it (which is easy to do in setup by specifying another directory than c:\Windows).

Promotional pricing can still be obtained at the Microsoft Store through February 1.

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