Xbox 720 Includes HDMI 1.4 Input, Possibly for Home Theater/Cable Applications

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Last week’s leak of Playstation 4 (codename “Orbis”) details has launched the next-generation console wars, and Microsoft, or at least their supporters, don’t want to be left out in the cold. VGLeaks has obtained an alleged system diagram of the new Xbox 720, “Durango.” The box is rumored to replace your cable box, your DVR, your media box, your Blu-ray player, and even your HTPC with its powerful multimedia capabilities. So with all that media coming OUT of the box to your TV, What’s this HDMI IN?

First guess would be that Microsoft is future-proofing, or they just assume that Google got it wrong and its version of Google TV is going to be way better (don’t hold your breath) by allowing incompatible (i.e., non-IP based) cable networks to take advantage of the spiffy new interactive features. Then again, the HDMI connectivity might also be as simple as letting you upload and store your family home video memories, but with all these possibilities, my money is still on some sort of cable TV integration.

The new game consoles are expected to be given a formal unveil at E3 2013, June 11th-13th 2013.

Via: [VGLeaks]

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