Just What the World Needed: High-Tech Jeggings

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The problem with jeggings — according to tech clothing maker Alphyn Industries — is that texting- and social-media-obsessed ladies just don’t have a place to put their smart phones when traipsing around town in their ultra-comfy pajama-jeans. That tragic problem has found its solution in the company’s new Smartphone Valencia Jeggings. According to the company’s press release:

Women continue to dominate social media and mobile applications on facebook, twitter and instagram. Girls are using advanced mobile functions such as texting, sharing pictures and videos, much more than guys. According to Huffington post (from Harris Interactive 09/26/2011), “A whopping 68 percent of women use social media to stay in touch with friends, as opposed to 54 percent of men.”

And what better way to appeal to the ladies than the skintight 21st-century equivalent of the Snuggy? The press release continues:

Alphyn’s Valencia Jeggings integrate San Francisco’s rich history in denim manufacturing mixed with Silicon Valley’s tech culture. Great for quick and easy access while running errands or keeping your mobile device in a safe accessible pocket at the park, the bar, a night club, or in a cab.

Our Valencia Jeggings are made of stretch denim/twill, with the WEARCOM™ pocket being 5 x 3 inches, and suitable for most smartphones. The waistband also has a small coin pocket for an ID or keys. The Jeggings can be washed and dried regularly on a gentle wash cycle.

The patented WEARCOM™ pocket (3 x 5 inch / 7.6 x 12.7cm) is made of durable polymer film with a genuine leather film edge, to allow for complete interactivity with any touch screen device. The zippered pocket cover provides a discrete look, secure and easy retrieval, and full usability of the smartphone while sitting down.

So, what do you think, ladies? Is this the curve-hugging tech solution you’ve been looking for? Personally, after checking out the promotional video, I’m starting to suspect that what Alphyn’s really doing with the Valencia Jeggings is setting the stage for its truly profitable upcoming innovation: a treatment for postural kyphosis.

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  • Alexandar Hull-Richter

    That’s actually clever. If you have to be sitting down to use it, there will be fewer people walking into fountains, or off the ends of subway platforms. Now we just need phones that wait for everything when they know you’re driving. Get all your notifications when you park, after a safe trip.