Bowers & Wilkins Adds 1280-Watt, 15-Speaker Surround Sound System to 2013 Maserati Quattroporte

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We first brought you news of the partnership between legendary high-end home audio manufacturer Bowers & Wilkins and world-class luxury auto manufacturer Maserati back in October. Now we have details about the incredible sound B&W sound system to be featured in the flagship 2013 Maserati Quattroporte.

The new Quattroporte, which debuted at the Detroit Motor Show on January 14, features a complete sound system backed by a 1,280-watt Class-D multichannel DSP amplifier featuring HARMAN QuantumLogic Surround. And yes, that’s a very lot of watts, but there are a very lot of speakers to be driven in this system (fifteen in all), including:

  • Five 25 mm extended-range aluminium tweeters (dashboard (L/C/R), rear doors)
  • Five 100 mm Kevlar midrange drivers (front doors, centre dashboard, rear parcel shelf (L/R))
  • Two 165 mm carbon-fibre/Rohacell bass drivers (front doors)
  • Two 165 mm Kevlar bass/midrange driver (rear doors)
  • One 320 mm x 200mm (that’s roughly 12.5″ x 8-ish”) subwoofer (rear parcel shelf)

Of course, if you can drop north of $130K on a four-door sedan, you certainly deserve a sound system of this caliber. The only problem? Chances are, it’ll sound a heck of a lot better than whatever you’re listening to at home.

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  • Doubtful Dave

    Very lot of watts? Very lot of speakers? Can’t you guys afford a proofreader? Dennis obviously needs one.

  • Dennis Burger

    Sorry you don’t dig my quirky way with the language, Doubtful Dave, but “a very lot” isn’t a typo. It’s a holdover from a cutesy word game I used to play with my mom when she was alive. She would say “I love you,” and I would ask, “a lot?” To which she would reply, “A very lot.”

    To each his own, of course. But to answer your question: yes, we can afford a proofreader, and I am he.