Sam Runco Wins Emmy for Aspect Ratio Control Tech

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From Maureen Jenson at our sister publication Dealerscope comes news of industry legend Sam Runco’s new Emmy Award:

The “Godfather of Home Theater” Sam Runco , founder of Runco International, has received an Emmy Award for Pioneering Development and Deployment of Aspect Ratio Control Technologies and Systems For Letterbox Images within Consumer Devices. Runco was awarded the Emmy during the 64th Annual Technology and Engineering Emmy awards held Jan. 10 at the Bellagio Hotel  in Las Vegas during International CES.

Sam Runco’s Emmy awarded device that he developed, the Arc IV, allowed for the home viewer to manipulate the image on their television screen to display not only the standard square box of television, but also the HDTV image as well as the two most popular movie sizes.

“When Laserdisc emerged we were able to see movies in the aspect ratio (the shape) intended by the director but there was no way to manipulate it for the home television. For the first time consumers could see all of the movie, not one that was altered to fit an almost square old TV shape, but somehow we all felt cheated because there was so much unused screen on the TV and the picture looked “bandaid shaped,'” Runco said.

“I saw possibilities with projection television that could not be achieved on a box TV. I started by playing around with a screen cut with a razor blade to the shape of the widest movie shape, CinemaScope. From there I played around with a video switcher that had 4 modes, each having the ability for setting height and width controls. I then modified those controls to all 4 aspect ratios (the shapes) that are used today, around the world. Three were guesses, educated maybe, good guesses, certainly, but still guesses. My techs and engineers then cleaned up my shoddy work to make it salable and the rest is history. All HDTVs sold today worldwide incorporate this technology.”

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