Electrostatic Discharge Is No Joke, But It Is Funny

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Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) is a major issue when it comes to the sensitive electronics we use all around the house. During the winter months, especially, when the air tends to be dry, we can build up some amazing charges in our bodies simply by moving around. Who hasn’t rubbed their socks on the carpet and shocked the crap out of the cat, or done the same and “used the force” on tinsel icicles on a Christmas tree? That same static discharge can wreak havoc with any and all of your gear.

So if you’re upgrading your computer or other gear, leave said gear plugged in to a grounded outlet whenever possible, and make sure some part of your skin is in contact with a metal piece (like a computer power supply) that is connected to that ground. The person in the YouTube video below found out the hard way exactly how much of a whallop static discharge can pack. So remember to wear your wrist strap when working on electronics, and keep the kitty cats around to serve your discharge needs.

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