HDTVs Still he Dominant Destination for Video Streaming, Despite Trends

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All the cool kids may be watching all their Netflix video on tablets, laptops, and phones, but everyone else still seems to like their TV on an actual TV. In fact, many of those cool kids are apparently also watching their TV on an actual TV, because NPD’s new study of Netflix users has a lot of interesting numbers in it.

The inherent success of Netflix streaming can be attributed to its content library and TV centric strategy initiated in part by the Roku launch in 2008. In our new Connected Intelligence report, Application & Convergence, we measure how consumers are using the various devices they own. In Q4 2012 we saw 40 percent of individuals with a TV connected to the Internet were watching Netflix. And, streaming video users are continuing to migrate from the computer. Twenty-one percent of connected TV owners said they migrated from using over-the-top (OTT) video services on the computer and now watch on the TV instead.

In fact, more than half of consumers age 18-24 that have a TV connected to the Internet watch Netflix on TV. These numbers are staggering.

In other words, most people, when given a choice, don’t choose to watch movies and TV on a 4-to-15 inch screen. Shocking I know! I guess the future will be televised after all.

Via: [NPD]

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