IK Introduces Studio Quality Bluetooth Speaker for Music on the Move (UPDATED)

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IK Multimedia is known throughout the music industry for computer- and app-based guitar, vocal, and other music effects simulators. The company’s iRig adapter, for example, turns your iOS device into a $400 guitar effects box for about $50. So now that they’ve got all the ins covered, it’s time for the outs.

iLoud and iLoud mini are portable speakers — designed for musicians — that can push 40W and 15W  of power from their built-in lithium ion batteries respectively, for a sound that doubles or triples what the average wireless portable can muster.

Both iLoud models provide highly accurate reproduction of a wide range of musical styles from rock, hip-hop and electronic dance music, to more nuanced and sonically demanding genres like classical and acoustic. The speakers are equipped with onboard DSP, for maintaining accuracy and efficiency at all volume levels, and high-quality, custom-designed neodymium loudspeakers. iLoud is equipped with a bi-amped 4-driver array, and iLoud MINI with a pair of full-range speakers. The enclosures feature bass-reflex construction, which helps create their superior bass response.

Both boxes incorporate the iRig adapters for those about to rock, and presumably bring wireless connectivity via bluetooth to the apps for the first time.

If you’re looking at the iLoud as a portable guitar amp, then you should dig the new MIDI compatible iRig BlueBoard, which gives you four assignable, stompable pedals. You can easily assign these buttons to individual effects or presets in AmpliTube, or other software package

It’s also possible to fully customize the MIDI messages that are sent out by the four switches and two optional expression pedals. It’s easy to setup iRig BlueBoard to control patch changes, effects parameters, reverb, delay on/off – or any parameter that can be controlled via MIDI. For a guitarist or vocalist using a mobile multiFX app like AmpliTube or VocaLive as a sound processor, iRig BlueBoard provides the foot-controlled functionality and convenience of a pedalboard, but with a form factor so compact and portable that it can easily slide into a backpack, a laptop bag or an instrument case.

The iRig BlueBorad will retail for $99, and the pricing on the iLoud and iLoud mini will be $299 and $199 respectively(UPDATED: looks like $299/$199 Mini). Look for all of them to ship in Q2 2013.

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