Best Buy Predictably Pulls and Revises $50 Coupon

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This is why we can’t have nice things. Remember the $50 Off of $100 Coupon we told you about a few days ago? The one that explicitly stated it was good between 1/21 and 1/27? Best Buy is now claiming that the “wrong coupon” had been sent out without the proper restrictions or dates on it, of course before I managed to take advantage of it myself. Seeing the multi-million dollar loss that was coming their way the second SlickDeals got their grimy mitts on the thing, the coupon has been retroactively restricted to a single day, instead of all week, and to a host of boring stuff like vacuums that are the slower movers.

The $50 Master Card Bonus – Save $50 When you Spend $100 In-Store and Pay With Any Master Card (valid 1/21/13-1/27/13) Promotional Offer was sent out with incorrect product inclusions, product exclusions, single product call out and end date. An ad correction is available in our retail stores, where you can see a Sales Consultant or Customer Service for any questions or to view a list of the included and excluded products.

We apologize for any confusion or inconvenience this may have caused.

The promotion is valid for TODAY ONLY, January 21, 2013.
The offer is valid on a single, regular priced item purchase of $100 or more.
iTunes, Amazon and other gift cards are excluded.
Limit 1 offer per coupon, per household.
See below for full list of conditions and exclusions

It was inevitable that the lack of restrictions on gift cards meant that it was open season, with the usual suspects who abuse good deals ruining it for everyone. As The Consumerist noted, one guy figured out a way to turn the offer into One shopper claims to have snagged $2500 worth of Amazon cards. 

Even before the revisions rolled in, managers were refusing to honor the coupons, and generally giving people a huge hassle. I myself have had extreme problems price matching at my local (very profitable according to employees) Best Buy, even being refused the ability to use an “upgrade and save” coupon on an item that turned out to be specifically allowed in the ad that week (which corporate later rectified to my satisfaction).

I’m sure Best Buy right now is figuring that the bath they were going to take is worth the bad PR from welching on a coupon, I just hope that they offer something in its place for the people that didn’t get the chance to fairly take advantage of this deal.

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