ThinkGeek Micro Spy Remote Lets You Steal the Show

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Okay, I’m not actually advocating such shenanigans, but say you’ve got a friend who’s particularly stingy with the remote. And say she tends to watch shows that, umm… well, suck. Like Ghost Hunters. And Ghost Adventures. And other dumb shows about ghosts. All. Freaking. Day.


Anyway, if you’ve got such a (purely hypothetical) friend and are looking for a way to get your sweet revenge by spookily muting the sound (or, I dunno, changing the channel to something worth watching), ThinkGeek has the solution. The Micro Spy Remote allows you to operate virtually any TV (even “most European ones,” the listing promises, which made me chuckle for some reason), all from an itty bitty controller small enough to fit on a key ring. Simple hold the mute button until the TV mutes, and the Micro Spy Remote is now in completely control of said TV.

Granted, this won’t work with systems that are controlled via RF, and the listing says nothing about cable boxes. So your mileage may be limited.

Via: [ThinkGeek: Micro Spy Remote]

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