The Most Secure Door May Be One You Can’t See

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When I was a kid, there was this weird crawl space under my friend’s house that was accessed via a hatch in the side. You’d crawl in, and you’d be under the floorboards, and we built a clubhouse in there. His parents never knew about it, and eventually it got to be quite something, with power from an extension cord, a drink cooler, magazines, and even some broken chairs we managed to fit in there for furniture. It was awesome, and I’m sure it’s still there to this day, three homeowners later, because I seriously doubt anyone ever found it.

Admit it: that kind of thing brings out your inner kid, doesn’t it? Now, thanks to the secret techniques of the YouTube community, you too can have your own secret hideout, or hidden entrance for your crimefighting needs right in your house. Through a combination of blending, a good eye for detail, misleading props like a fake spigot, and a remote controlled electronic door lock (which looks a lot like the Yale Real Living Locks Dennis covered in his Control4 system review), you too can disguise your future Batcave just like they did. Oh and unlock your door in a rainstorm when your arms are full of groceries. Superheroes gotta eat, too, you know.

Via: [Gizmodo]

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