Skyfall Lands on a Suprisingly Early Release Date

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Jumping from a March-ish expected release, the biggest hit of the fall — and the biggest hit in Bond franchise history — Skyfall descends on Blu-ray in on February 12, only three weeks from now.Why the short notice? Well, the back half of February and early March have started getting awfully crowded in terms of Blu-ray releases, and no one wants their surprise super-blockbuster to get buried in the mix. Its theatrical run ended for the most part around Christmas, and by getting the jump on everyone else, the discs has first shot at all those entertainment dollars about to start pouring into cash registers next month.

Bonus material is likely to include: commentary by Director Sam Mendes, as well as commentary by Producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson and Production Designer Dennis Gassner. A host of other special features are also going to be on the disc, but like with Casino Royale, I wouldn’t be surprised at a much more fleshed out version down the road, about the same time as Bond 24 gets released.

Pre-order now at Amazon: Skyfall [Blu-ray]

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