Oxijet Shower Adapter Saves Water Without Sacrificing Comfort

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I’ll be honest: as much as I crow about conservation and green home technology, the first thing I do after purchasing a new shower head is punch a hole in those stupid flow restrictor washers. I know, I know: bad Wookiee, right? But you try getting Aussie conditioner out of this thick pelt of fur with a trickle of restricted shower water.

The alternative to that, of course, is aerated shower heads, which suck air into the shower flow and bump up the pressure without actually using more water. Except that most aerated shower heads are either crazy expensive or just plain suck, with a tendency to clog and put you right back at square one with a trickle of water and a greasy mane.

Which makes the new Australian Oxijet nozzle — a doodad I stumbled across at Treehugger — a more enticing solution. In practice, it works a lot like aerating shower heads before it: air is drawn in via intakes, which in turn makes the water droplets that hit you hollow (and larger), but just as energetic as an unrestricted flow. In geekier terms, it’s like increasing the perceived amperage while reducing the voltage. Shocking, right? (I crack myself up.)

What makes Oxijet different is that it isn’t a shower head itself; instead, it’s a cheap little adapter installed between the pipe and shower head, meaning that if it gets gunked up (and it almost certainly will), you can just screw it out and screw in a new one. Badda bing! Cheap, effective, water conserving, and you still get to keep your favorite massaging shower head.

Via: [Treehugger]

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