SOUL Puts Your Party in a Box (Holla!)

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Kids today with their iPods and their tablets don’t know what they’re missing. Why in my day we loaded up the six D-cell batteries and made sure the neighbors knew that Guns ‘N Roses were the bomb. Then we loaded the thing up onto the forklift or onto the nearest linebacker and continued the education of the next neighborhood. SOUL thinks its PIAB P910 Party in a Box will bring back those childhood memories without the old-age hernias that go with them.

Eight powerful, omnidirectional speakers fill any space with thumping, pulsating beats turning the ordinary party into an extraordinary bash!  We’re talking about unparalleled deep bass and crystal clear mids and highs streamed through Bluetooth.  Contributing to the stunning sound are two 6.5” subwoofers, two 3” midrange speakers and four 1” tweeters.  Additionally, its digital signal processing capabilities and built-in EQ settings deliver precision balancing for a full range of sound.

If you’ve got more than one block party to cover, you can actually sync multiple units for full ghetto-blasting coverage. A balanced microphone input turns the system into a PA, and an HDMI input let’s you recreate the drive-in movie experience, or just enjoy improved sound from a flat panel at home. Just don’t come complaining when you get chased out of the neighborhood, and don’t have your spent D batteries to throw back at your pursuers.

Oh, and then there’s the price: $999.99

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