Emotiva Pro Announces Stealth 8 Precision Bi-Amplified Active Studio Monitor

Sections: Speakers

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Emotiva Pro introduced a new reference studio monitor at the 2013 NAMM Show. The Stealth 8 is a precision, bi-amplified active studio monitor that features a high frequency driver very similar to those found in speakers from GoldenEar and MartinLogan’s Motion line.

Dubbed airmotiv™ when Emotiva does it, the high-frequency transducer tech is quite cool: the driver moves air by squeezing it between the pleats of a folded diaphragm instead of moving a dome in and out. This makes for a folded-ribbon, high-frequency transducer that offers reduced distortion and incredible dynamics. The Stealth 8 also includes an 8-inch version of Emotiva’s airmotiv™ Curv™ woven polypropylene low-frequency transducer.

The Stealth 8’s cabinet is beautiful, but it’s also functional. The angular front panel minimizes diffraction, and its solid, acoustically inert assembly allows Emotiva’s advanced drivers to really shine. Each monitor has a total of 400 watts RMS (with each driver driven by individual 200-watt amps). The Stealth 8 allows for 120+ dB peaks in the near-field while delivering uncompromising dynamics in recording or mixing settings, or while simply listening at home.

The Emotiva Pro Stealth 8 retails for $749 each and will begin shipping in January of 2013. For more information visit Emotiva Pro or call 615.791.6254.

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