Display Development Debuts New IW7 and IW8 In-Wall Projection Systems

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Display Development makes some pretty interesting products, including reference-grade projectors used in screening rooms.  This week, at ISE, they are set to debut the IW7 and IW8 in-wall projection systems, aimed directly at home theater applications.

Both feature a single-chip DLP light engine and an integrated Smart Cooling system for longevity and reliability.  Each also ships with Display Development’s VP-100 video scaler.  If you’ve never seen this particular scaler, take a look at the website.  It is definitely a powerful tool.

Both the IW7 and IW8 are designed to fit today’s popular screen sizes, and while those sizes aren’t specified, I’m guessing that we’re talking around the 100″ range.

The IW7 sets its sights on the brightly lit media room/family room setup with 4,200 lumens of output.  The IW8 goes for the light controlled room looking for more color accuracy in a true home theater system and shines with 1,800 lumens.

Both the IW7 & IW8 are available now with the VP-100 and Smart Cooling system included for an MSRP of $10,000 and $7,000, respectively.

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