Review: Sound Bar Bracket from Parts Express

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I would guess that many people who have an interest in home audio have heard of Parts Express.  I, for one, have made many a purchase from them both via the catalog and in person at their store in southwest Ohio.  As a result, I get their catalog both at home and at work (and there’s usually one at my parents’ house too). Their catalog is where I saw the simply named Sound Bar Bracket.

I just hung an older Samsung LCD 720p TV in my bedroom and paired it up with a Polk SurroundBar 6000.  Part of the pain in this process was getting the sound bar to look right on the wall in relation to the TV.  The TV is afforded a certain amount of side to side adjustment through its wall mount, but with the sound bar, you’re pretty much stuck with where you hang it.

The Sound Bar Bracket aims to ease this difficulty by literally mating the speaker to the TV via its VESA mounting holes.  It’s a simple concept that works pretty well.  The boomerang-shaped pieces of black steel simply bolt to your TV and your sound bar, and that’s it.  The design allows you to hang the bar below the TV, or place it above the TV if you happen to have your TV on a table top.  This is also a great way to clear the sound bar from the IR sensor that it is most likely blocking in this scenario.

For my setup, I used the bracket to sling the sound bar beneath my TV.  The bracket ships with some various hardware, but I was able to use the screws for my wall mount bracket to mount the sound bar bracket to the TV.  Hooking up the Polk proved to be a little more of a challenge.  If this product has one downfall, it’s that it assumes your sound bar has threaded holes to accept a machine screw.  In the case of my Polk, it had the more common keyhole slot for hanging it on a wall.  In this case, you need a nut and a bolt to make the connection to the bracket, something the kit doesn’t provide.  A quick trip to my stash of discarded nuts and bolts turned up hardware that allowed me to get the Polk hanging serenely with little effort.

How does it look?  Honestly, it looks very clean and very professional.  The amount of adjustment the bracket gives you ensures that you’ll get it perfectly square under your TV.  The bracket itself also provides a nice way to hide cables running from the sound bar to the TV.  The only other issue I see is that you get a little wobble from the bracket.  The Polk is not a light sound bar at 10 pounds, and if you give it a little nudge, there is a good deal of movement.  It’s never in risk of crashing to the ground, but it is something to keep in mind if you have a beefy bar.  I would imagine this is mostly due to the fact that there is only one point of attachment to both the TV and the sound bar.  Attaching to both the top and bottom of the VESA mount would likely firm it up, but the current design doesn’t allow for that (at least with my TV/sound bar combination).

Overall, for the $14.50 (plus shipping) I paid for this bracket, it is more than a worthy investment.  You can’t often make this significant an upgrade for so little money, especially when it comes to home theater.

If you’re interested, you can order the Sound Bar Bracket directly from Parts Express.

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