Sony Joins the Laser Game with the Laser Light Source Projector

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Not content with letting LG have all the fun, Sony is bringing out the first laser-based 3LCD projector with a 1920×1200 native resolution. Not only do the lasers produce intense, bright, pure colors, but they also don’t require frequent replacement like lamp-based projectors do. Rated for 20,000 hours, these lasers provide, assuming 8 hours a day of TV, close to 7 years of continuous  viewing pleasure.

Based on Sony’s Laser Light Source Technology, the projector incorporates lasers, rather than LEDs, to achieve optimum brightness. The white light, like traditional UHP light sources, is directed into the 3LCD engine to deliver incredible picture quality. As a result, the Laser Light Source Projector has substantially brighter images, better contrast ratios and outstanding color stability.

This model is designed for long term installation in an office or a school environment, but consumer versions are sure to follow. The existing laser TVs, and LG’s forthcoming products, have all proven quite impressive when put to the home theater test, and presumably with mass production the lasers can end up way cheaper and better than lamps have ever been.

Via:[Sony UK]

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