Get Star Trek: The Complete Original Series on Blu-ray for an Unheard of Price

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Right now, the Star Trek show that started it all is at an all-time low price on Blu-ray, clocking in at well under $40 a season for the complete series. Fully restored from the original negatives, with the option of the original effects, or modern re-created ones, this new incarnation of the original show makes itself accessible to new audiences while simultaneously satisfying purists — no easy task! I have to say that the new FX are well done and consistent with the originals, they’re really gorgeous without looking out of place, and I’m really hard to please on these types of things

This 20-disc set contains over 4000 minutes of entertainment over 79 episodes, nearly (but not quite) all of the DVD extras, and a bunch of new material exclusive to this release. This is pretty much the ultimate version of The Original Series, with better video quality than 35mm broadcast prints I’ve seen by a wide margin. You’ll never need to buy it again, because Blu shirts don’t die (well, very often).

Pick Up Star Trek: TOS on Blu-ray before this deal beams up

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