Diggin’ Dungen

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Here, Dear Reader, is an imaginary conversation I never had with HomeTechTell Editor Dennis Burger.

Remember, this dialogue never really happened but it might as well have:

MS: “Dude, I’m stuck. How do I write a review about a band that sings in a foreign language?”

DB: “Dude, how can you even listen to a band you can’t understand? I mean, even Joanna Newsom, who you know I love and is pretty ethereal, at least sings in English.”

MS: “Oh that’s easy: just listen! You’ve heard Opera in languages you don’t understand?”

DB: “Well, yeah, but that’s different…”

MS: “How so?”

DB: “Well, with opera you can read the libretto translation…”

MS: “And… the last time you did that was… not ever, right?”

DB: “Well… okay… touché!”

MS: “Let me ask you this. Back in college, what was your favorite Cocteau Twins album?”

DB: “Oh, dude, I loved the Cocteaus since I first heard Treasure.”

MS: “Cool! Me too. And you do realize that Liz Frazier sang mostly in a made up language that meant nothing, right? It was only on later two or three albums that she sang in English and you could understand what she was saying.”

DB: “Okay. So, what’s your point here then, man?”

MS: “You need to check out this band from Sweden called Dungen. They’ve been around a bit but put out this pretty amazing album called Ta Det Lugnt several years back that I just caught up on. A friend at this record store here in SF turned me onto them. It’s kind like listening to a band that might have played on bills alongside Pink Floyd and The Soft Machine in 1966. Only, this is new music, being made now. It’s pretty cool. Check out their website.”

DB: “Sounds cool!

MS: “I’ve sent you some links to some of their tunes on YouTube, too. I think you’ll dig ’em. After CES, I picked up another of their albums, Tio Bitar, which I heard being played in Amoeba Records in LA and I was like ‘What… is… this?’ and I when I Shazam’d it on my iPhone, it turned out to be Dungen! Fortunately they had that album in the used bin so I took a chance on it and I like it a bunch.”

DB: “Right on. Thanks man.”

MS: “Dude, that’s what friends are for. Enjoy!”

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