NPD: Physical Media Accounts for the Biggest Piece of the Home Video Pie

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For all the poo-pooers out there who think discs are dead, I’ve got news for you (seriously!). According to the NPD, in 2012, physical media accounted for 61% of home video earnings, down 3% from 2011. A decline? Well, not really when you take into account a 7% drop in the average retail price paid for discs.

“There is a significant base of video customers in the U.S. who continue to be comfortable with physical formats, and a large majority haven’t made the complete transition from discs to digital video,” said Russ Crupnick, media analyst with NPD. “For the time being, at least, consumers still like to own and rent movies and TV shows on DVD and Blu-ray, even in a world of where connected devices and digital rental, streaming and ownership options are becoming more accepted and commonplace.”

The report goes on to say that 72% of VOD dollars are in the form of rentals through cable systems, and the number of people buying digital download copies is holding pretty steady at 16%.

Despite predictions of the death of the physical, people will continue, for a very long time to come, to have issues with paying the kind of money studios want for new releases for something they can’t touch, feel, or more importantly resell, and I’ve found a lot of younger people who are “all digital” are typically a hard drive crash away from realizing the non-permanence of the virtual.

Via: [Home Media Magazine]

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